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Eduardo Castro-Wright, Vice Chairman, Walmart, Sunday New York Times, May 24, 2009

Q. What is the most important leadership lesson you’ve learned?

A. Walking the talk is the most important lesson I’ve learned. There’s nothing that destroys credibility more than not being able to look someone in the eye and have them know that they can trust you. Leadership is about trust. It’s about being able to get people to go to places they never thought they could go. They can’t do that if they don’t trust you.

Building better leaders; Building better lives

Boston-based Learnings for Leaders coaches individuals to become more effective, compelling leaders. Whether you lead an organization or a team, we help you improve your leadership presence and business success and achieve satisfaction with your professional development.  

Your goal: Change the way you lead your life. But can you get there on your own?  We help enhance your personal mastery and attain that vision for your life.

Through our coaching and workshops, you will develop:

  • Leadership presence that engages others.
  • Clarity of purpose and strategy to fulfill that purpose.
  • A commitment to living your values.
  • Awareness of your natural strengths.
  • Actions that fulfill intentions.
  • Measurable goals and “actionable” plans.
  • Healthy, productive teams.
  • A life/work balance.


Inside all Learnings for Leaders' coaching and workshops is Strozzi Somatics. This proven methodology produces actionable and sustainable change for individuals in both their personal and professional lives. How? Through the integration of:

  • Somatic awareness,
  • Somatic opening, and
  • Somatic practices, all within a social context.

For a better understanding of how the Strozzi model can change your life, schedule a one-to-one call with Beth Davis. And read this article: "Somatics, Neuroscience and Leadership".